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Pre-Installed Chemical Recharging System

Pre-Installed Chemical Recharging System (Advanced Anti-Termite Reticulation System)

This specialized system consists of a network of chemical resistant, Polyethylene (LLDPE) tubes with ‘Pressure compensated’ chemical emitters on the tube at a constant spacing. These fluid emitters discharge anti-termite chemicals into the soil, making a uniform chemical barrier against the termite access points. The tubes are installed underneath the ground floor slab along the vulnerable construction joints, expansion gaps, outer perimeter, and inner perimeter of the entire building. The recharging outlets are placed in suitable areas for easy recharge.
The system is recommended to be recharged every 4-5 years to sustain the chemical efficiency levels and to maintain the protection against subterranean termites throughout the economic life of the building. This system is the most realistic as one can apply even the latest chemicals available from time to time.