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Safe, Simple & Rapid

We are the only 100% Residual-free Sanitization Service provider in Kerala. We have built a strong reputation among our customers by providing quality service. This program is safe, non-toxic and odorless without evacuation of personnel. We replace traditional decontaminates such as formaldehyde or chlorine-based service.

disinfection treatment

Our Services

  • Sterilization for rooms and buildings
  • Animal House sanitization
  • Decontamination of Clean Room facilities
  • Operation theater and labor room sterilization
  • Decontamination of Work Stations in software companies
  • Decontamination service for commercial and private vehicles
  • Decontamination service for Shopping Mall and Cinema Theaters
  • Sterilization (Fumigation) for Laboratory
  • Decontamination service for food processing units and packing area
  • Decontamination service for food processing units and packing area
  • Aerial Decontamination service
  • Bio film removal for pipe-loops
  • Odor removal

Out of this, we undertake all similar tasks come under this area of service.

Key Features of Sanitization Service

  • Powerful Bactericidal, Viricidal, Sporicidal, Fungicidal, Algicidal disinfectant by strong oxidation.
  • Disinfection : 6 to 9 log reduction of bio-burden in 15 minutes.
  • Sterilization : 12 log reduction of bio-burden 5 hours.
  • Residual-free, Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, aldehyde vapours free, chlorine free, ozone free, bio-degradable & Eco-friendly