Quarantine Fumigation

Australian Bonded Cargo Fumigation
ISPM-15 Wooden Palette Fumigation

The international standards outline the guidelines and application of treatment procedures for Quarantine purposes consistent with the phytosanitary regulations aimed at preventing the incursion of exotic pests in imported goods. Further, this standard helps in the adaptation of correct treatment practices to ensure the export of goods in pest-free condition. This standard specifies the need for effective treatment of the consignment to meet the specific quarantine requirements related to the import of specific commodity to reduce the risk of introducing potentially hazardous pests. There are limited range of treatments which cent percent kill the pests without affecting the commodity. Any failure of treatment may lead to incursion of pest and repeated fumigation may result in residue problems in treated commodities. As India being signatory to Montreal Protocol, needs to use Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide in lawful manner, which can be achieved by a successful fumigation meeting the required standard.