FUMA Service

Fumitech provides first-rate Quarantine and Non-Quarantine Fumigation services. We have developed exemplary technological breakthroughs relating to processes and equipment that help maintain the quality and value of commodities safely and efficiently. The fact that we fumigate a substantial portion of the spices, cashews, grains that is a testament to our high standard of performance. With respect to perishables, we are proud to put our experience and expertise to work in helping ensure a safe, abundant food supply. Fumitech’s broad fumigation expertise comprises a wide spectrum of Quarantine, Non-Quarantine, Ship Fumigation and ISPM-15 Wooden Palete Fumigation. Over the years, we have expanded our fumigation services to help protect sensitive electronic equipment, and priceless treasures in museums. We also provide on-site fumigation services for corporations that demand the highest standards of sanitation and safety compliance. Further, we fumigate bulk, containerized or palletized cargo, pallets and other wood packing material, silos, bins, mills, warehouses, food-processing machinery and residential, factory and commercial structures. Our commitment to safety enables us to offer the highest levels of professionalism and peace of mind. Our company policies go beyond what the government requires, resulting in fumigation that are performed safely, effectively and without delays. Basic requirements for fumigation Fumigation cannot be carried out unless:

  • Trained operators are available
  • The enclosure can be sealed to an adequate standard
  • Worked and other persons can be excluded from the enclosure.
  • Fumigant can be safety aired/ventilated from the enclosure after the treatment is over