Whether you’re in food service, food manufacturing, health care, education, pharmaceuticals, office management, or manage any other type of facility or business, a pest free environment is an absolute necessity. Not only are we on the forefront in Integrated Pest Management techniques, but we’re also leading the way in new technology to document pest control methods.

When you Compare the Numbers, you’ll see why no one is better at solving pest issues for more types of businesses and commercial facilities. We offer a wide range of Pest Prevention and Pest Control Services for every type of Business, using the latest technologies and resources available.

These include:

  • Rat and Mice prevention, monitoring and control (Rodents: rats, mice.
  • Insect prevention, monitoring & control (e.g. stored product insects, cockroaches, ants, wasps, flies, moths, beetles, clothes moths, carpet beetles, etc.)
  • Bird control
  • Electric and Glue Board Fly Killer units supply and fitting
  • Fly screens for windows, doors, air vents
  • Insect Pest Identification
  • Thermal-fogging treatments against insects
  • Comprehensive range of non-toxic pest control methods
  • Pest Prevention Consultancy: Pest Proofing of Building,
  • Standards required for your business, etc.